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Pouyoukas Foods

Healthy snacks for convenient on-the-go sustenance, the perfect in-between food during any training regime or race. [...]

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Flip the Switch on Your Nutritional Habits

There are a host of myths relating to nutrition formulated over the years by crash diets, food crazes and now perpetuated by the Internet. But what makes for a good nutritional dietary map and what can you do to set yourself on the path to a healthier [...]

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Low GI, Gluten-free & Protein Rich - Meet the Mother of all Grains

Are you trying to cut carbs, lower the GI (Glycaemic Index) of your menu, find a gluten-free alternative to traditional carbs or are you just plain bored with rice and pasta? "Then it’s time you try Quinoa", says Justine Lever, brand manager of Pouyoukas [...]

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