Tomorrow’s food is about the Four Fs

For Immediate Release: 2018-10-04 17:57:39
Tomorrow’s food is about the Four Fs

Tomorrow’s food is about Food, Fuel, Fibre and Feed. This is the message from AGT Foods, one of the world’s largest supplier of pulses, staple foods and food ingredients.

“The global demand chain for agriculture has been fueled by population explosion, as well as changing key industry drivers,” says George Tomazos, COO AGT Foods. 

“New industry trends have emerged as a result of food calls for higher nutritional value ingredients, energy calls for alternative fuels and environmental calls for extension and diversification of crop rotations, increased available nitrogen, improved soil management and contribution to soil organic matter. The changing face of agriculture is no longer limited to one sector, but spans across health and nutrition, energy, environment and economic sectors,” he says.

Production from AGT Foods represents nearly 45% of the global market, making it the dominant market exporter in pulses from all origins. AGT Foods is a global company with headquarters in Canada. In South Africa AGT Foods represents the Retail, Hospitality, Spices, Ingredients, Popcorn, Bakery and Protein Divisions as well as Pouyoukas Foods. All AGT products are packaged under different supermarket brands and sold throughout South Africa. 

“Pulses are an important source of non-animal based protein, especially in developing countries. They provide about 10% of the total dietary protein consumed in the world. They are also used to extend and diversify crop rotations by improving soil conditions and controlling weeds,” explains George.

AGT Foods pulse crops include peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas. “We supply farmers in South Africa with seed to grow for us and then buy the produce from them for distribution around the globe. After five years of research into global nutrition needs, we are finally seeing an explosion of demand for plant based protein.

“It is an educational process to change the beliefs of consumers that their protein needs can only be met through animal protein. The devastation on the environment is also finally being addressed globally. Farming of pulses and grains is substantially more environmentally friendly than that of animals.”

AGT Foods is launching a new range of products to the South African market. “Corona Foods will be rolled out into the wholesale and retail market from October 2018. The brand is competitively priced and includes beans, lentils and other popular South African dry products,” says George.

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