Pulse flour is the preferred flour for 2017

For Immediate Release: 2017-06-22 16:45:33
Pulse flour is the preferred flour for 2017

An increasing awareness among consumers about the importance of a protein-rich diet has had a positive influence on the growth of the pulse flour market, according to research by TMR.

“We have seen a marked increase in the global pulse flour market due to its low fat, high fibre, and low glycaemic index,” explainsGeorge Tomazos, AGT Foods Retail and Food Ingredients, South Africa. Pulse flour is produced from the hull of lentils, chickpeas, peas and other legumes.
“The gluten-free nature of pulse flour and its ability to enhance the texture and shelf-life of food is likely to boost the market’s growth even further,” says Tomazos. Bakery and snacks account for a major share of the global pulse flour market. Pulse flour substitutes other flours in bread without altering the taste much, which is expected to drive the demand for this commodity in the future.
AGT Foods is at the forefront of developing innovative bakery products to meet the diverse demands of today’s consumers and produces flours from pulses, grains and seeds. These are milled and blended to exact requirements and quantities for major retailers and the hospitality industry. AGT Foods’ diverse bakery solutions include rye, millet, pea, quinoa, oat, lentil, rice, spelt and many more types of flours.
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